Library without power after transformer outage

Megan Ditore, Staff Writer

Nicholson Library has been without power since Saturday.

Director of Access & Educational Media Services Bahram Refaei said that the outage was due to a transformer failing.

Parts to repair it have been ordered.

On Saturday afternoon, all the lights, computers, and air conditioners were not working. The only source of light was emergency lighting and natural light.

In addition to the library, the art and music departments also lost power due to the same transformer.

Library Director Susan Barnes Whyte sent an email to all students and faculty closing the Library on Sunday.

Whyte apologized for the closure saying, “it’s cold and fairly dark in the library” so students and patrons would likely not get much work done even if it were open.

Whyte continued commenting, “lots of equipment does not work because of the lack of power. Tech- nology needs power.”

However, campus Wi-Fi was strangely not interrupted during this incident.

The library will be open on Monday at the regular time.

If there is still no power, it will close at 5 p.m. but if power is restored it will be open until 1 a.m., its usual hours.