Reduce finals week stress with a few study breaks

Malia Riggs, For the Review

Students are running on a very thin wire and stressed to the max by trying to get last minute projects done and studying for the big exam that is creeping up right around the corner.

Stress has a very tight hold on students, especially during finals.

Having finals at the end of the term is inevitable, but there are ways to make reaching the end of the semester a lot less painful.

Staying on top of homework and beginning to study early is always a good way to make sure the stress of the closing semester is not bearing too much weight on the shoulders of students.

Daniel Edelstein, a professor at Stanford states that “exam stress” is a real thing and that it disturbs sleep habits, eating patterns and weakens a student’s immune system.

During finals week, students need to be on their A game.

This means they need to have plenty of rest and eat right for prime performance, but that is easier said than done.

There are several ways to make sure that a student is well prepared for the exam including having good time management, and figuring out times to study while also finding times to relax.

Maintaining a balance between studying and relaxation can make study times more effective.

Finding times to relax is often easier said than done, especially when tests creep closer and students become less prepared as the week before finals comes to an end.

Every student has their own way of avoiding “exam stress” and making their brain into mush the week before finals.

Relieving stress is just as important as studying for the exam.

Many students at Linfield find solace in athletics before exams, burning off steam in the workouts.

There are also a variety of other activities such as the arts, baking, writing and many more that can create a great escape from the never ending flashcards and textbooks.

The best way to stay clear of the dreaded “exam stress” is by doing what best works for that particular student.