Comedian excites crowd with funny stories and impersonations

Cassandra Martinez, Arts & Entertainment editor

A comedian and impersonator was the guest of honor on Saturday night in Ice Auditorium and performed her stand-up routine.

She also writes and does voiceover acting.

Melissa Villasenor opened up the night with an introduction about herself, which then used her introduction to poked fun at herself.

Villasenor talked about her family and her Mexican heritage, and how that she couldn’t speak fluent Spanish because she heard how her cousins sounded when they speak Spanish.

Then she spoke in a high-pitched voice of how a child spoke Spanish and the audience went crazy.

Her next bit was about her talking about when she reads Facebook posts.

She said that when she read anything, she created a character and read in that character voice.

She demonstrated some character voices while reading some posts and the audience laughed.
She even read a post in Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies and it was the most amazing thing anyone had witnessed.

Then she did some celebrity impersonations, from Natalie Portman from the Star Wars Prequels to Wanda Sykes.

She said that her Wanda Sykes voice is the voice that cheers her up when she’s down.

Her impersonation of Sykes was top notch and the audience agreed with loud cheering and applauding.

She did impressions of famous singers as well; from Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Shakira and did some physical impressions to accompany her voice impressions of these female singers.

Villasenor told the audience that she liked the 90’s and that she listened to NSYNC and said that boy bands dance moves look like fighting moves.

She even did a dance routine of those dance moves to prove her point. The audience got a kick out of that and she was greeted by cheers and applause.

She even interacted with the audience by asking them if some did impersonations and make jokes toward the parents in the audience.

One brave student did her impersonation of King Candy, a character from the Disney movie “Wreck-it-Ralph.”

An audience member asked Villasenor if she could do one of the characters from Adventure Time.

When she did the impression, the audience reconized it as Lumpy Space Princess. Melissa Villasenor was a delight and knew how to keep the audience on their toes.