Registration for January, spring semester approaching

Elizabeth Stoeger, News editor

The time to register for spring and January term classes has come again.

Registration for both Jan term and spring classes begins on Nov. 9 through Webadvisor, and the individual registration time depends on the number of completed credits.

Fall 2015 credits will not be counted in the total because classes have not been finished. Freshmen who have no completed credits will register by last name.

The full schedule is available on the Registrar’s page on the Linfield website.

In order to begin registering, students must meet with faculty advisors, discuss class options and be cleared. If students fail to do this, they will not be able to register at their scheduled time.

Students will not be able to register before their appointed start time, no exceptions.

The maximum number of credits that can be taken without petition is 16 or 18 with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Students with a GPA lower than 3.5 can take more than 18 credits but this requires a “Higher-than-Normal Credit Load Petition” which needs to be signed by their faculty advisor and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Susan Agre-Kippenhan.

Taking more than 18 credits is also possible for everyone but requires a “More Than 18 Credits Petition” and signatures from their faculty advisor and Dean Agre-Kippenhan.

Although Jan term is now required for freshmen, the registration process will remain relatively the same with a few minor changes.

Students can take more than one class but may not exceed 5 credits, according to an email from Ellen Crabtree.

For freshmen, Jan term classes must be taken on the Linfield McMinnville campus and not in Portland or through Online and Continuing Education.

Classes offered during Jan term range from Financial Accounting to the Sociology of Music Subcultures.

Jan term also presents students with the opportunity to take classes that aren’t offered during the regular school year.

Latin, History of Scotland, and Latinas & Latinos in the US are a few of the unique classes.

Since freshmen now are required to be on campus during Jan term, Academic Affairs has added additional events to the schedule.

“Alongside the course that each student will take, Linfield hosts an array of events, workshops and lectures. These are focused around Connecting to the College, Examining Identity, Career Exploration and Community Engagement,” says the Academic Affairs website.

Paracurricular courses include Aerobic Fitness, Pickleball, Scuba Diving, and Yoga.

Spring term courses are just as diverse and unique as Jan term.

There are regular courses being offered, like Cultural Anthropology, Nutrition, and “Living in A Media World.”

As well as other classes like Native American History, Families in Comparative Perspectives, and Human Adaptive Strategies.

The biology department is offering Embryology, as well as Evolution. Health and human performance offers a First Aid and CPR training.

The modern languages deparment has classes in East Asian, African, and German film.

The sociology and anthropology department is offering Gender & Society, as well as Race & Ethnicity.

These are just a few of the many classes offered during the spring. Linfield offers a plethora of thought-provoking, unique classes during Jan and spring terms.