Award winning musicians of The Dali Quartet perform

Jordan Morris, For the Review

On Wednesday, a decent sized crowd gathered into the Ice Auditorium in order to listen to a beautiful musical production presented by the Department of Music.
The Dali Quartet is made up of four members who are all award winning and chamber artists. The quartets have toured in many places around the world such as both Europe and Asia. The members include Alex Fortes and Carlos Rubio on the violin, Adriana Linares on the viola, and Jesús A. Morales Matos, playing the cello.
From San Diego, California, Alex Fortes grew up learning the art of the violin. Graduating from Harvard and Mannes College, Fortes was able to earn his degrees and expand his knowledge of music. Fortes has traveled to many places while performing that include Germany, Austria, France, and Indonesia.
Carlos Rubio also is an incredible violin player and has as well toured in many places like France, Japan, USA, and Spain. Also, under the Dorian Records label, Rubio holds seven CD recordings. Rubio also taught and performed in many different Universities in both the USA and Venezuela. Aside from teaching, Rubio also was given a grand prize award from the Spanish and Latin American Music Competition.
Violist Adriana Linares was one of the first prizewinner in Latin American Music Competition. As the founding member of the Dali Quartet, Linares has traveled all over the US with her team. Linares graduated from Temple University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree and received her master’s from Indiana University.
In the Dali Quartet Jesús A. Morales Matos beautifully plays the cello. Currently, Morales Matos works as a Cello Professor at Temple University. Morales Matos graduated with a bachelor’s degree from The Cleveland Institute of Music.
With a blend of both Classical and Latin-American music, the quartet put on a truly captivating performance.