Author talks about what inspires her at Nicholson reading

Gabe Nair, Staff Writer

Chelsea Cain, a Portland based author, came to Linfield this past Thursday to speak about her path to where she is now. When she was younger, Cain had no intention of being an author. She actually had intended to become a firedog. When asked why, Cain responded, “I had hippie parents. They let me believe I could be whatever I want.” Because of this, Chelsea actually practiced to be a firedog. Thankfully, she soon gave up on being a firedog. Due to her mom’s job, Cain basically grew up in libraries. Cain ended up loving writing and decided to become a writer. Cain majored in journalism at UC Irvine.
Cain had originally started as a humorous writer, however she soon switched over to become a thrill author. She started writing her first thriller while she was watching a Larry King special on the Green River Killer. This was something very personal to Cain as she grew up while the Green River Killer was on the run. After she submitted her book, she received a few offers from publishers to buy her book. There was even an offer for one million dollars, but she turned it down. In the end, she received an offer for three books. One of the books that Cain wrote, “Mockingbird,” Cain was able to write a comic series for Marvel. When asked how she was able to write for Marvel, Cain said, “I questioned them for two weeks straight.” Perseverance, apparently, is all you need to write for Marvel.