Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween for Gore-Loving Fans

Kellie Bowen, Staff writer

If you are someone that prefers a horror movie and a friend or two during the scariest day of the year, allow me to help with your movie selection. The best part about this top ten list is that all of these movie titles are on Netflix.
“Saw”, any of the five in the series that are on Netflix, is a wonderful, smart and unforgiving movie. The traps are cringe-worthy, the plot is nail-biting and the twist at the end is always a kicker.
“Scream” is always a classic horror flick. This is a teen horror film with a sense of predictable Hollywood movie-making – It was made in the 90’s.
“Babadook” is a new popular thriller from Australia, and it has been getting all kinds of attention from Netflix watchers. It’s about a boy who found a strange book in their house called “The Babadook.” The babadook slowly comes to life the more the boy’s mother denies its existence.
“Silence of the Lambs” is another classic. It introduced Hannibal Lector and has opened many doors for serial-killer-movie enthusiasts. It’s a cunning, gory and beautifully put together film.
“Human Centipede” is not for the faint of heart. However, it is one of the hardest movies for me to watch, and this is coming from a horror-lover.
“The Taking of Deborah Logan” is one of those “found-footage” kind of movies. What starts out as a woman’s mentally sick mother turns into a woman’s demon, child-swallowing mother. I don’t think one would want to go trick-or-treating after watching this. Nor leave the dorm.
“Sorority Row” ¬¬is a must-watch if you are in a sorority. These are basic rules of what not to do if you are hiding the deaths of sorority sisters. Vengeance will be upon your heads.
“Hellraiser” is, of course, yet another classic horror must-watch. This film includes dimensions to other sadistic worlds with human sacrifices for a chance to be in the human world.
“The Den” is another “found-footage” favorite by many.
“Funny Games” is a movie about a family that goes on vacation to their summer home, and a couple of creeps stalk and terrorize the family. While it seems simple on the outside, don’t doubt just how sick the writer of this screenplay really is.
Well, pick your poison. If “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Corpse Bride” is too “childish” or overrated for you, I highly suggest watching a film from this list this Halloween.