The Battery Pack charges up for Cat Cab

Ross Passeck, Sports editor

Three best friends took the stage Thursday evening by the name of Battery Pack for a AAA performance.

Two Linfield graduates Brittany Baker and Kate Shear returned to their alma mater to perform for the third time for Thursday’s Cat Cab. Remi Gentry, a George Fox University graduate, brought some classical flare to the group with her violin.

“This was my first time not playing classical,” Gentry said. “It was just a whole other way to connect with songs that have lyrics. It just added another level of meaning and my dream after college was playing in a little band like this.”

The spirit of comradery blurred the line between audience and performers as lead vocalist Baker rocked an infectious smile throughout the show.

The Battery Pack opened the show with a cover of Vance Joy’s “Riptide”, a familiar choice for warming up the crowd to their female vocals.

Momentum picked up from there as the Battery Pack amped up their onstage chemistry with a rendition of the first song they ever performed together. Shear’s guitar started strumming to the beat of “Royals” by Lorde as Baker and Gentry came in with a charge of vocals and violin.

Later in the show, the trio gave the audience a glance into their methods as a band. They laughed together onstage as Baker told the story of a visit to the gym that resulted in the Battery Pack taking on Guns ‘n’ Roses hit “Sweet Child o’ Mine”. Baker was never short on serving up impressive vocalizations throughout the song.

To close out the three decided to do a final cover Baker’s favorite “depressing” song, “Rivers and Roads” by the Head and the Heart, with nothing but smiles on their faces.

As their third Cat Cab came to a close Baker and Gentry reflected on what it was like to return to Linfield’s campus.

“This was the first time we had been invited back,” Shear said. “It was a huge honor to be here. I was really excited when we were asked to perform again.”

The Battery Pack lit up the stage and showed that life beyond college can be enjoyed by doing what they love.

“Life after college has been really fun after we started doing this,” Baker said. “The Battery Pack, we’re charged!”