‘Whiskey and Rye’ sings to Linfield College students

Kellie Bowen, Staff Writer

A band called Whiskey and Rye performed a concert for a small group of people in the Fred Meyer Lounge at 8 p.m. on Thursday. Whiskey and Rye is a rock band of five men. When they were rehearsing and doing sound checks before the show, they practiced with Eric Clapton’s song “Cocaine.”
Whiskey and Rye’s sound has the vibe of more old-school, classic rock, which is especially rare to hear from young artists these days. The band included a keyboard player, played by Marco Longo, to add a more retro sound to the rock. They even covered Stevie Wonder’s song, “Superstition.”
The singer, Philip Lindholm, swayed his feet like Axel Rose while he played. He even had the skill to hit those high notes that you hear in 80s rock! Alex Atwood played a 5-string base. Carson Dent was on drums. Greg Pascale was their lead guitarist, who, according to Lindholm, joined the band about six months ago.
Pascale covered Radiohead’s “Creep” with seamless effort, all the passion was there. Every song the band played, Pascale brought a face-melting guitar solo. Lindholm stated at the concert that “We are very lucky to have him and his talent!”
Whiskey and Rye is an energetic and ear-smashing band that can put on a great show. Even though the band didn’t get the large audience that they deserved, the crowd that did show up didn’t fail to give them the praise they deserved.Whiskey and Rye Concert