Women’s soccer moves up to third in NWC standings

Sammantha Hopkins

Pulling the Lady ’Cats into third place for the conference, Linfield women’s soccer earns another win against Willamette on Wednesday, October 14th.

With a final score of 2-1, Linfield had a lot of strengths throughout the game.

“We were strong in our work ethic,” said Emma Vukic, 16’. “Willamette always works really hard, so we had to match and exceed that, which we did.”

With all of the strengths came few weaknesses.

“There weren’t many game weaknesses last night. The only thing we talked about at halftime was some positioning and tactical things, but other than that, our team is very technically sound and doesn’t need much skill direction. The only thing we ever have to work on is our mental game,” Vukic said.

Being in the same conference as Willamette, Linfield has had competition with them for quite sometime soccer wise.

“Willamette always works really hard, and that comes with a lot of shoving and physicality. Our ream is relatively small- Willamette definitely has some height on us. They have been tough for that reason for years, but skill-wise, I think we’ve outplayed them,” Vukic said.

Because the game was at home, the Lady ’Cats didn’t have as much necessary preparation for this game as they might for a game on an away field.

“Every team is difficult, but we just have to play the way we know hot to play every game and not let the opponent change us,” Vukic said.

The Linfield Lady’s soccer team has stayed strong throughout the season and continue to do so.

“I think it is particularly awesome that even at halfway through the season, when our bodies are tired and mentally we have already given a lot, we can still play with that much fire and intensity against good teams,” Vukic said.

Next up, Lady ’Cats face Puget Sound in a home match on Sunday at noon.