Men’s golf prepares for Fall Classic

Kaelia Neal, Sports Editor

The men’s golf team is a young but talented group that is looking to be a top-three finisher at the Northwest Conference Fall Classic this coming weekend.

With only one senior, Kyle Hargrave, the team relies on underclassmen including Lucas Balala, ’18, and Logan Davis, ’18. A freshman, Mason Krieger, will also factor into the team scoring.

“We’re young, and I’m very excited for their abilities,” Greg Copeland, head coach, said.

The Fall Classic is a two-day event beginning on Saturday in Sunriver, Oregon. Almost all of the NWC teams will be at this tournament.

The course is similar to what the ’Cats practice on every day, Copeland said. At this course accuracy is even more important.

If the team does not perform well, it will be “virtually out of the hunt for the conference title,” Copeland said.

Copeland said the conference has gotten a lot tougher over the last few years. However, he said the team will be ready to finish in the top-three.

“It is important that everyone is consistent and plays well,” Copeland said.

Team members are all healthy according to Copeland. Of the 12, there is not one player who stands out a lot more than the other.

“They’re all bunched up,” Copeland said. “There is a lot of competition between them. It makes them hungry in practice.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior or freshman. If you play the best, you get to play,” Copeland said.

For the Fall Classic, Copeland said he has high expectations for Hargrave because he is consistent. Copeland also depends on Balala and Davis because they played so well last spring.

Krieger has given Copeland high hopes because earlier this season he won the individual qualifier in practice, which determines who plays in the first tournament.

“It’s always exciting when you can get a freshman to handle the pressure and play well,” Copeland said.