‘Ju-Taun’ performs variety of music genres

Cassandra Martinez, Arts & Entertainment editor

Ju-Taun was the guest performer for Linfield’s Thursday Cat Cab at Fred Meyer Lounge.

They were a refreshing band to listen too; the students here at Linfield were excited to hear the songs Ju- Taun was about to perform.

The band performed songs from their albums and some covers of songs from other artist. They have an interesting sound because it was like a mixture of different types of music genre.

The first song they performed for the night was one of their own called “Burn.” It was a fast-paced number, with upbeat vocals and guitar and bass playing. Not to mention the vocals for the band harmonized and kept constant flow.

Other songs they performed from their band were called, “By the River,” “My Darling,” and “Who I’m I?”

These songs had a variety of sound; from folk to somewhat of a country vibe with some soft rock.

Ju-Taun kept the audience’s attention and interacted with the audience. They told a few stories about how the band made their songs in between each song.

Then they did a cover to Imagine Dragons “Radioactive.” The crowd responded immediately to the song, with bopping their heads to the music and recorded the band singing.

Ju-Tuan’s Mumford and Sons cover of “I Will Wait” was a smooth and harmonizing performance.

Even a few of the audience members were mouthing the lyrics to the song. The audience cheered the band for playing one of Mumford and Sons classic songs.

Throughout the concert, Linfield students praised the band with each song. Linfield expected a show and Ju-Tuan delivered with their performance.

Ju-Tuan’s music can be found on Youtube for those who missed the concert on Thursday night.