‘Green Inferno’ a cult film for horror fans

Kellie Bowen, Staff Writer

For weeks, Facebook and Twitter has been counting down the days until Eli Roth’s new film The Green Inferno hits the theaters.

There have even been several “film festival audience reaction” clips posted online to help promote this intense thriller. Reports say that a woman fainted during the film.

With all the buildup that I’ve been seeing, I was excited to see this one!

The plot was simple: A plane that was full of college student environmental activists crashed into the Amazon forest where a tribe of cannibals takes them to their village.

The movie was fine. As a college student, I appreciated the criticism Eli Roth put in the film about campus activism.

The up-close gore was as intense and barbaric as the media said it was. However, shots like explosive diarrhea, nudity and masturbation jokes kept me from taking the movie too seriously. Then again,Roth isn’t the kind of director who shoots very serious horror films.

Fans of Eli Roth would appreciate this style. It takes a wonderful jab at political correctness and prods at the notion of white power. It is a provocative piece.

The most impressive aspect of this movie is that the cast and crew shot the movie in the Amazon rain forest, further into the forest than anyone has ever shot a movie.

The natives in the films were Amazon natives and the village seen on the screen was their village! The cast and crew had to take a two hour boat ride just to get to the set. The filming process was incredibly risky due to exposure to the unknown environment, snakes, tarantulas, etc.

All in all, if you are a person that appreciates genre films and gut wrenching gore, please indulge yourself in the hard work and satire of this film.