New coach means new era for men’s tennis team

Sara Levering, Copy editor

The new men’s tennis coach  is no new fish to the Division III tennis arena.

Benjamin Belletto comes from Southern California, where he coached at Pomona-Pitzer for ten years and Whittier both men and women’s programs for two years.

Belletto’s experience with tennis goes back to high school but he points out that it was not a priority until college.

He acknowledged that tennis became a priority “late in life,” and approaches “from an outsider perspective” even though he has been coaching for twelve years as a head coach.

Belletto has high hopes for the men’s tennis program in the coming years.

His ideas to strengthen the tennis program are getting the players involved in the process and being patient as well as recruiting aggressively. He wants recruits to see the culture within the tennis program.

Belletto mentions that the current players have a lot to do with the recruiting process and is insisting on the players to be a part of that process since the incoming recruits will be the next generation.

He wants to focus on team culture in the beginning and have the current players impact the incoming recruits.

His overall goal is to compete for a National Championship.

Belletto knows the history of the men’s tennis program and strongly believes that the program can once again build toward success.

The tennis program has made it to the sweet sixteen in the past. He acknowledged that the program has not been competitive in the last few years but wants to work toward establishing a foundation to compete toward a national championship.

He firmly believes in this program and just wants it to get to its very best. Fall practices are beginning and there are five new freshmen joining the Wildcats men’s tennis team and hopefully 5-7 returners from last year.

The team is young but Belletto has high hopes for this program to excel in the future.