Best apps for busy college students

Elizabeth Stoeger, News editor

Phone applications, apps as they have come to be known, have long been saving masses of people from boredom but they can also come in handy studying for classes and staying organized.

For example, with Study Blue Flashcards students can create their own set of flashcards using text, pictures, and audio.

For those who don’t want to bother with a physical dictionary, the app provides an easy, accessible dictionary, thesaurus and translator.

Learning a new language can be an arduous task but DuoLingo makes it fun and easy, offering flashcards and short comprehension quizzes in a variety of languages.

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition software that makes it simple to dictate an essay or notes and have them transcribed in an efficient manner. This is free for iOS.

There are a variety of apps available for those interested in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Science Glossary is a free glossary of hundreds of scientific terms from multiple disciplines, according to

For those who do lab experiments, BenchFly allows the user inside other laboratories to observe their protocols for biology, chemistry, instruments and equipment, and DNA and RNA.

Visual Anatomy Lite3D provides rotational models of the body with muscle highlighting as an added feature, as well as images from “Greys’ Anatomy,” as reported by AppCrawlr.

Psychology majors might find an app of the 3D Brain, with 29 interactive structures including case studies and links to research, helpful. It’s also free, according to Mashable.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has an app that lists articles, research, and studies avail- able in the APA database.

There are various pitch pipes available for those interested in music. PitchPro is a six octave pitch reference for $0.99 cents.

Metronome: Tempo Lite is free with iOS and provides a reliable metronome. Relative Pitch Free Interval Ear Training is also free with iOS and gives basic, beginning lessons to those ear training.

For all the historians, eCodicesVirtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland offers over 1000 manuscripts in high quality from the library of Switzerland. This is free for iOS also.

Business majors might find The Decision App useful, “It is designed to make companies and products identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, both internally and throughout the market,” according to, as well as to develop strategic thinking skills.

Elevatr makes writing business plans easier and helps format notes into business plans. Both apps are $4.99 in iOS.

This new technology makes it easier than ever for students to study efficiently and stay organized.