Faculty, students collaborate on research

Elizabeth Stoeger, News editor

Dozens of faculty members and students at Linfield spent their summer working on joint research projects across many fields of study.

Collaborative summer research is a unique experience for both professors and students.

Professors gain a set of new eyes and a new perspective on their research. Students apply their classroom knowledge in research settings, which gives them valuable tools for the future.

Biology professor Nancy Broshot with students, Terran Sobel-Smith and Carli McCormick were amongst the many who conducted research this summer.

“In 2005, I began a study in conjunction with Portland Parks and Recreation… to investigate the impact of  predation by deer, elk and rodents on seedlings in Forest Park in Portland, Oregon,” Broshot said.

Sobel-Smith and McCormick helped to measure trees and they are planning to write a paper regarding their findings.

“Our main focus this summer was the ten year follow up research on the growth and mortality of western red cedar seedlings in Forest Park,” Broshot said.

In the music department, professor Anton Belov worked with Meghan Uhrinak in opera theater training at the Atlantic Music Festival in Maine.

Physics professor Jennifer Heath worked with students Alex Ogle and Thaddeus Cox.

Professor Jeffrey Summers, who holds the Dave Hansen Endowed Chair in Economics, collaborated with Alison Hinton and Levi Altringer. This is the second summer that professor Summers has worked with Al- tringer.

A paper written by Summers and Altringer entitled, “ Is College Pricing Power ProCyclical?” has been accepted for publication.

Senior Austin Browning researched the role of miRNA-mediated gene silencing pathway.

Collaborative research allows both students and faculty the chance to expand their horizons, challenge themselves, and better the world through research.

Not only are students asked to conduct research but they are also requested to present their findings at the end of the summer to the Linfield community.