Drag show excites, entertains audience

Gabriel Nair , Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, students were graced by “Poison Waters and Friends” as well as student performers at the drag show that was part of this year’s Homecoming week.

Throughout the show, students saw many dances performed by the group and the students who performed.

Many members of the crowd knew almost every single song that was being danced to.

All of the performers interacted with the crowd during the show.

 During one of the dances, the performer brought two students on stage to help with the performance.

ASLC’s Sports Director, Ben McNair, and Vice President, Ehren Cahill, performed as well.

The last student per- formers started off as an elegant dance between two lovers but ended up going in a different direction.

The show was a funny and provocative way for performers to express themselves though drag.