Learning Support Services provides for students

Sara Levering, Copy editor

Linfield students are fortunate to have a department on campus that works specifically to aid students in their learning and academic success.

Located in Melrose 020, Learning Support Services is a department at Linfield that’s goal is to “assist all students in the pursuit of their academic and life goals,” according to their web page.

LSS is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students can arrange with their professors to take an exam in one of the LSS’s testing labs if they need a quieter space to take a test.

LSS also has textbooks in alternate formats that students can use.

The department has started a new program for students who have struggled in the past that is designed to help them explore what they can do differently to maximize their college career as well as to strengthen their own skills.

Steve Rohrbeck, a co-coordinator of LSS said, “The professors are wonderful, they always want to help and accommodate students and our department really enjoys working with faculty.”

LSS offers group and individual tutoring to students in conjunction with faculty support.

Students who are in good academic standing have the option to be a notetaker in a class that they are currently enrolled in to help students who need additional help.

LSS works to provide students’ access to help in classes they find difficult and to gain a better understanding of their own strengths.

LSS provides a service vs. needs of classroom setting by examining the student’s classroom setting and taking into consideration the services they offer to try to accommodate the student.

LSS offers study skills workshops that discuss study strategies, time management, note taking, reading and test taking, according to their web page.

LSS’s web page also offers tips on study strategies, note taking and time logs to help with time management. The web page also has PowerPoints that focus on effective ways to study and manage time.

LSS’s web page can be accessed by going to linfield.edu/learning-support.