Baseball players reflect on head coach’s resignation

Kaelia Neal, Sports editor

Members of the baseball team have mixed emotions about head coach Scott Brosius departure. Some players were surprised by the news, and others were not.

“I was shocked to hear that he would not be with us anymore but he is leaving us in great hands with Coach Carney,” sophomore outfielder John Carroll said.

“Obviously I’m disappointed that Bro is leaving but it isn’t really surprising to me, or to anyone for that matter I think. We had all heard rumors about him going to OSU soon, so no one was really shocked,” sophomore infielder Ben Andrews said.

After eight years as head coach at Linfield College, Brosius, former Major League Baseball third baseman for the Oakland Athletics and the Yankees, has stepped down.

Former head coach Scott Carnahan will take over once again.

Along with the reputation of a successful, winning program, some say Brosius was a factor in their decision to play baseball at Linfield.

“I came here mainly because of Bro,” sophomore Andrews said.

“There aren’t many people in any sport that get the opportunity to be coached by someone who has had so much success at the highest level. It wasn’t an opportunity I was going to pass up,” Andrews said.

Junior Finn McMichael also had similar feelings as Andrews.

“Bro being the coach played a major role in me coming to Linfield and playing baseball here,” McMichael, an outfielder, said.

Junior pitcher Joe Perryman said that because of Brosius’ knowledge of the game he was “excited to have the opportunity to play under him (Brosius).” Players say they are happy for Brosius and understand his decision to leave Linfield. Brosius is looking for opportunities to coach elsewhere, possibly at the MLB level.

“I am very happy and excited for him. He is continuing on and pursuing new avenues that he has been interested in in the past, and I truly wish him the best,” freshman Ryan Ross said.

“I wish coach Bro the very best in the future. He is following his dreams and that’s what he has always preached at practice. He is a role model for all of his players and all of us respect his decision and will support him through his journey,” freshman pitcher Callahan Neely said.

Even with losing the all-star coach, team members say they are determined to keep the tradition of Linfield baseball alive.

“Next year, nothing changes for us as a team. We approach the game the same way as before,” junior infielder David Mason said.

“I feel like we cannot replace him as a mentor on the field, but the coaching staff that is returning is really a top notch group of people, and we have a lot of young talent in this program that can undoubtedly mold into a contending squad,” Perryman said.

“I think that Bro has created a culture here that expects winning, and even though he’s moving on, I don’t believe that culture will go with him,” said junior pitcher Cody Walker.

“It will be up to us six seniors next year and the other returners to not let our expectations of success change and work just as hard as we have every other year,” McMichael said.

“I know this will definitely affect the team for next year but I couldn’t tell you how. He was and still is a big part to this program and I think that him leaving may cause players to have even more of a fire and passion to win for him,” Neely said.

The baseball team is not worried about how the season may turn out with Brosius’s absence. Team members say the program as a whole is what brought them success. Carnahan is the program’s all-time winningest coach over 24 seasons. While Brosius was head coach, Carnahan was the team’s pitching coach as well as Linfield’s athletic director.

“Coach Carnahan knows what the program is about along with the other coaches and Linfield baseball will remain strong,” Mason said.

“Coach Carnahan has been here much longer than Bro, and I think that we are very comfortable with him taking over the program again,” Walker said.

Players are looking forward to next year and have the same expectations as any other year. The atmosphere may change somewhat, but the goals stand.

“It will be an interesting and exciting season next year,” Neely said.

“Obviously pitching is the area where people are concerned but as a team we have all the confidence in the world in the returning staff. Linfield baseball will not drop off this year and it we will continue to be in the forefront of the NWC for a long time. Bro leaving doesn’t change anything,” Andrews said.

“This team is determined to get back to the playoffs and win it all,” Ross said. “Playing baseball at Linfield is an honor and something that we as players do not take lightly.”

“We will be the hardest working team in the nation every year and let the chips fall where they may,” Carroll said.