Lu’au theme shows ‘love we have for our home”


Elizabeth Stoeger, Freelancer

Linfield is gearing up for a knockout Hawaiian lu’au organized by the Hawaiian club.

The theme for the 43rd Annual Hawaiian Club Lu’au is “Home in the Islands” and will be presented on May 2.

One of the co-chairs of the event, Piikea “Pi’i” Kailio, wrote in an email, “It was hard to pick a theme for lu’au because we wanted to be original, but then we realized we didn’t have to be original, it just has to make sense… it allows us to show the love we have for our home, wherever that may be.”

Quinn Takashima, the other co-chair, added, “[the theme] can be related to the whole Polynesian Culture. This is important because we do not only have students from the Hawaiian Islands with Hawaiian blood, but also from other parts of Polynesia who are very proud of their culture.”

The lu’au highlights not only Hawaiian culture, but also those of New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa.

The event will include a dinner catered by a Hawaiian café that specializes in authentic Hawaiian cuisine, followed by a show put on by Linfield students.

Performers are students from Polynesian cultures as well as those who are simply curious about their culture and dance. Pi’i said, “It’s exciting to see the many new faces that have shown interest in our culture as well as choosing to participate in lu’au.”

The dances being performed are native to the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa.

Takashima said the audience can expect “a glimpse of our native culture and a little bit of our home.”

The lu’au is a proud Linfield tradition which will occur in conjunction with Mom’s weekend this year.

For Pi’i and Takashima, the lu’au is a validation of the hard work the Hawaiian club puts in throughout the year.

Takashima said, “The most exciting part about this lu’au for me is knowing that everything we do as a club does not go unnoticed…the appreciation and recognition received that evening is more than enough to keep me coming back for more.”

Pi’i added, “They can expect to see the hard work that we as a Hawaiian club put forth in every aspect of our life. Beautiful ladies. Strong men. Taste of our culture. What more could you ask for?”

Tickets, pricing, and more information is available on Discount seating is available for students and seniors.

Support the Hawaiian club lu’au by buying tickets and tweeting with #LinfieldLuau2015.

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