ASLC VP calls for action with HP parking petition

Samantha Sigler, Associate editor

Worried about where to park your car overnight when staying near the HP apartments? Well, you might not have to worry for much longer.

Senior Ivanna Tucker, vice president of the Associated Students of Linfield College, created a petition for students to sign advocating for additional overnight parking in the Vivian Bull parking lot near the HP apartments.

“I heard numerous concerns from students about getting ticketed repeatedly and the safety of the walk from the North Ford parking lot,” Tucker said in an email. “I hope to come to a comprise between the students and the school.

The petition is meant to show that students are interested in figuring out a better solution, according to Tucker.

While the focus of the petition is not to turn the entire Vivian Bull parking lot into overnight parking, students who sign the petition are hoping to add spots for students who are coming and going late at night and early in the morning.

Tucker is working with administration as part of the Parking Committee on campus to discuss the overnight parking.

“It would be nice to have a few additional spots in that parking lot and find a way for students who come back at night to feel safe walking from the North Ford parking lot,” Tucker said.

As of April 12 the petition has 193 signatures with the goal of 1,000 signatures. If you are interested in signing or reading the petition, it is online at