New ASLC president, VP look toward future

Elizabeth Stoeger, Freelance writer

Two new students were elected president and vice president of the ASLC, bringing a fresh outlook and new ideas.

In the fall, Alex Ogle and Ehren Cahill will become the new president and vice president, respectively, of ASLC.

They took the reins from current president, Trey Chiu, and vice president, Ivanna Tucker.

Alex Ogle is a junior physics major with minors in mathematics and studio art.

He serves as an RA and a tutor for the math department.

Ogle is also the second ASLC president in two years to be a physics major since Chiu also majors in physics.

About why he decided to run for president, Ogle said in an email, “I thought it would be a good way for me to leave a positive impact on the Linfield community … at the very least I could use my candidacy as a way to put ideas out there for the student body.”

The vice president, Ehren Cahill, is a freshman economics major with minors in music, laws, rights, and justice and sports management.

He said, “I’m really excited to get involved. I like helping out, kind of being a manager in a way but also being able to get some of my own ideas started.”

The first priority is building a strong team, according to Cahill, “We’re looking at strengthening our cabinet right now … learning the ropes … what it takes to be a good member of this team.”

Both Ogle and Cahill echoed the sentiment that their number one goal in the next year is increasing public awareness.

Ogle mentioned the possibility of a video blog, a forum structured like a town hall, “where students will be able to talk with specific faculty and administrators,” and “Commune-in-Tea sessions: informal sessions … (with tea or some beverage) for anyone who just wants to chat or wants to present an idea they think would make campus better.”

Cahill said, “We’re trying to get people connected on campus a little bit more,” not only within the Linfield community, but in McMinnville, Portland, and Oregon at large.

In an effort to increase communication between the classes, several events have been suggested such as a carnival and an intercollegiate sustainability conference.

Ogle said improving sustainability in ASLC was another goal.

Making new freshmen welcome and getting current students mingling more is an objective for the fall.
Cahill said they were planning events “to get people mingling before they get sucked into classes.”

“I want them to know what Linfield has to offer, and especially how ASLC can help connect them …to understand that they can have a big impact on campus, they just need to explore and get involved,” Ogle said about incoming freshman.

Mainly Ogle’s focus “is on collaborating with the ASLC team to develop an ethos which suits the purpose of ASLC: we’re here to serve the best interests of the students. Our cabinet positions are positions of service and I want to make sure our actions are indicative of that.”

More importantly, Ogle and Cahill “share a similar vision,” according to Ogle.

Of Cahill, Ogle said, “He’s high energy and not afraid to take charge of projects … he brings his own ideas to the table. I’m excited to get to work with him … Ehren is ambitious, and I like that. I think he brings a fresh perspective and a lot of enthusiasm.”

Similarly, Cahill said, “Alex has a lot of energy and is passionate about his work. I’m very excited to work with him this year.”

Both Ogle and Cahill are looking forward and hope that ASLC will grow and continue to allow Linfield and its students to grow.