Students ahead of curve with Makers program

Parker Wells, Opinion editor

Every 12 to 18 months, the capabilities of computers and the information technologies that use them double.

Linfield helps students stay ahead of the curve with the Makers program.

For a Makers exhibition at 4 p.m. Feb. 26, a combination of students and faculty gave presentations on Linfield-made technological wonders.

The exhibition started with a brief discussion from the makers about the program and their work.

“I hope that you’ll be inspired. I hope you’ll see how resources are shared across campus, and get to know those campus resources that are available to you,” Professor Jennifer Heath said.

Among the projects on display were costume designs from Linfield’s theater students, an electric guitar made from scratch, and plastic objects created by homemade 3D printers.

The program is intended to give the Linfield community access to resources which allow them to pursue passions outside of the classroom.

Daniel Ford, assistant professor of computer science at Linfield, said, “I can’t overemphasize how big of a deal this is. About three out of four computer science students find their career from an extracurricular passion, and an organizational support group makes it so much easier.”

Linfield students are encouraged to join this group in order to develop extracurricular projects to their full potential. Community members looking to try something new are equally welcomed.

It was an inspiring sight to see such ambitious projects become reality, and attendance for the exhibition was encouragingly high.

Information on joining iFOCUS can be found on the Linfield website.

Those interested can attend the follow-up iFocus series hosted by Anne Kruchten on at 4 p.m. on March 5.

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