911 call reveals details on Moore’s attack

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

WARNING: The following footage can be considered as very graphic. Link to listen here.

Police released the 911 call of sophomore Parker Moore’s attack on Monday Nov. 17. Frank, The clerk who was working when the attack happened, made the call to police.

“I just had a guy get stabbed in my store,” Frank said. “I need a paramedic and some police. Some Mexican just came in and stabbed him in the chest right in front of the till. He’s bleeding pretty bad right now.”

Autopies conducted by the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that Moore’s death was the result of two stab wound to the chest.

“He’s not breathing very well at all,” Frank said to the 911 operator. “There’s like blood all over my floor and everything.”

The “Mexican” that the clerk referred to in the 911 call was later identified as 33-year-old Joventino Bermundez Arenas who died from multiple gun shot wounds according to the District Attorney’s Release.

Investigators have continued to indicate that Arenas has been “tentatively” identified.  As of yet, they have been unable to confirm his identity, date of birth and background.  As such, releasing ‘tentative’ findings could prove inaccurate.  Until investigators are able to confirm his identity, other information about him is unavailable.  This is one of the focal points of the ongoing investigation.

The three officers involved in the shooting of Arenas are all on paid administrative leave as part of standard procedure after a shooting.

Toxicology  reports were also conducted on Nov. 17 and results are expected to be released in two weeks.