French Club toasts to National French Week

Samantha Sigler, Associate Editor

French Club keeps to tradition, treats students to special French events during National French Week.

Linfield’s French Club helped students celebrate National French Week with several events throughout Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, reaching out to students who may not know a lot about French culture.

“It’s good we demonstrate an offense here at Linfield,” sophomore Luis Santillan-Guzman said in an email. “Despite trends, French is still one of the most spoken languages in the world.”

Students who are not in French Club were encouraged to attend events, ranging from a quiche making night and French game to a nice, three-course dinner at Bistro Maison on Third Street.

The French Club was able to coordinate with the Linfield Activities Board, which provided the club with enough funds to bring along almost 20 students to the Bistro Maison dinner.

“I like to think that French Club is also a fun club for people to get involved in, since most of the club doesn’t require a heavy time commitment,” Santillan-Guzman said.

Santillan-Guzman has been involved with French Clubs since high school, and is majoring in French at Linfield.

“I find it appealing to promote the presence of the culture and the language program here,” Santillan-Guzman said.

The French Club kept to tradition this year, but hopes to make changes to their French Week activities in years to come, such as focusing more of the African-Frencophone cultures.

There will more French Club events during spring semester, which the club is in the middle of planning at the moment.

“I find that to have a cohesive club we must also find the time to just enjoy the aspects of the culture,” Santillan-Guzman said. “We’re trying to find fun events to make sure people enjoy learning, not just regurgitating a Wikipedia page’s information.”