‘Neighborhood 3’ shocks and spooks

Gilberto Galvez , Culture editor

While, experiencing “Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom,” one is never sure exactly what is happening, and that is exactly what makes it unforgettable. And it is an experience. Junior Mic Cooney’s masterful videography that provided the game walk-through, the sound effects and the acting joined together to create a suspenseful performance.

The plot of the play centered around the generational rift in a upper middle class suburbia, emphasized by the actors playing two different characters each, a teenager and an adult. They played these dualities quite well. Each teenager was obsessed with the new game that mapped out the neighborhood, using it as the setting for a zombie apocalypse. The only problem is that the apocalypse might be real. Something is definitely bleeding over IRL (in real life).

On the surface, it appears to be a warning of the dangers of online gaming, and while some of those warnings are there, the real message focuses on the fear of understanding what may frighten us.

Director Janet Gupton, an associate professor of theatre arts, did a wonderful job of using the fear of the unknown. Two of the most terrifying characters in the entire play never make it on-stage, and the mystery keeps eyes and ears fixated on the performance.

A highlight of the play was the walkthrough videography. Voice distortion and image effects that shined on the top windows of the suburban house that made up the set. Inhuman figures played by seniors Mario Kanata and Jeremy Odden and freshman Benjamin Bartu gave sinister commands to a player. The audience heard these commands acted out but never saw who was completing these actions.

In place of a matinée, Gupton decided to have a late 11 pm showing on Friday Nov. 7, and no other play could have been more appropriate. While not as graphic as a slasher film, the play had a good amount of blood and gore. Most of these scenes involved hammers and gardening tools. It also tackled the question of reality excellently. As a Place Event, the play could be used to fulfill a Colloquium assignment, and the play itself is entrancing, a spooky way to spend a weekend night. The next shows are Nov. 8 and the 13, 14, 15 all at 7:30 pm.