Die-hard fans react to Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement

Abby Thomas, Columnist

Well you may have heard by now that renowned British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married. This week, the Sherlock star announced his engagement to actress and director Sophie Hunter. However, much more surprising than a 38 year old man getting married, seems to be the response from his “loving” fan base.

We’ve seen it before, but Cumberbatch’s case is no different, in terms of fans going absolutely crazy at the news. Ranging from exuberant congratulations to declarations of outright hatred for the star, fans on twitter are putting on quite the show. Hopefully just a trend that will soon wear off, people of the internet are acting like Cumberbatch’s jaded ex-lover when it comes to the news.

It’s particularly interesting how one announcement has turned many of the star’s die-hard supporters into absolute haters over news that really doesn’t affect them. I, as well as the next person, like to get caught up in the occasional celebrity romance, but at the end of the day realize it doesn’t really change my life. I mean did these people think Cumberbatch was going to show up at their doorstep professing his love for them, or did they simply desire that he stay single forever to keep the dream alive? The jury is still out.

Amidst the mass of brokenhearted cries, the consensus seems to be an overarching feeling of jealously towards the women who gets to spend the rest of her life with the dream boat. The response, though extreme was somewhat expected, so beware to the women who steals the heart of Tom Hiddleston.