Life At Linfield

Mikenna Whatley, Features Editor

It’s time for IM Volleyball here at Linfield college and freshman Kyla Alvarenga Beech could not be more excited.

“I have never played volleyball on a team before but I have played with some friends for fun,” Alvarenga Beech said. “Nothing serious.”

IM Volleyball teams are coed and of mixed grades. This is one of the many things that sets IM sports apart from intercollegiate ones.

“I am excited to get to know some new people and just have some fun,” Alvarenga Beech said.

Since IM games are typically held in the evenings, it gives students a fun and safe activity to partake in on the weeknights.

“It works as a really good study break,” Alvarenga Beech said.

Students who play on one of Linfield’s intercollegiate sports teams  cannot take part in that same sport’s IM team. This helps to level the playing field as well as get students to try new things.

“Since a lot of students are athletes I think its nice for people to get out of their comfort zone and play a sport there not used to,” Alvarenga Beech said

The atmosphere of IM sports is noticeably different from that of intercollegiate sports.

“It’s a lot more laid back,” Alvarenga Beech said. “You just show up and play a game, have some fun with some friends. Intercollegiate is a larger time commitment and a lot more intense and demanding.”

Alvarenga Beech’s team has had one game thus far, but she had a scheduling conflict with her soccer team and was unable to make it.

“There are games this up coming week that I am hoping I can go to,” Alvarenga Beech said. “I expect it to be a lot of fun.”

Come support your IM Wildcats out on the volleyball court this season and catch a glimpse of yet another day in the life at Linfield.