What happened to all the spirit, ‘Cats?

The Linfield Review Staff

Linfield does a lot of things really well. It has an unstoppable football team that has had 59 years of winning seasons, a talented music and theatre department and all throughout the year students are winning competitions covering every field. Even though everyone at our school is doing so well, the spirit and support at Linfield is extremely lacking.
Whether it’s at a soccer game or a concert in Ice, the amount of students in attendance to support their fellow students is quite low. The only time either one has a full audience is when a class or club requires their attendance. That isn’t the way that Linfield should fill its auditoriums and stands.
When there is a student section, for example, at a football game, halfway through the game almost everyone decides that they want to do something else and leave. That is not the way a student section should act. If you are going to show up for the first part of the game then just stay a little longer and see the game through.
The college’s students should take notes from its extremely dedicated alumni. There are some that go to every single game, no matter how far away it is and they stay the whole time, cheering for the team every second of it. They support the team and cheer like every touchdown matters. If the alumni can stay the whole game cheering then students should be able to also.
Associated Students of Linfield College (ASLC) has been trying to get the spirit up, but so far nothing has really stuck. They have tried to make Wildcat Wednesdays more popular and made a new competition with Wildcat Fan of the Week to get students more excited on game day.
However, neither one of these efforts have really work so far, because of the lack of students participating in it. They are both great ideas to get students more spirited, but until more students start getting involved they really wont take off.
One of the biggest excuses for not going to things and supporting other students is that everyone is too busy, but everyone here is also in college. So if everyone just plans out some time to go support Linfield athletics or see a play once a month then we can start really growing this school’s spirit.
If every student starts to make an effort to get more spirited then Linfield can have the spirit to match with our amazing school.

-The Linfield Review Staff