Song and Banner

Mikenna Whatley, Features Editor

In case you somehow missed all the excitement, last week was Homecoming here at Linfield – a week filled with Wildcat pride and tradition.

The week was filled with various events put on by the Associated Students of Linfield College Cabinet, each one aimed to draw in participation from all sorts of students.

Festivities that used to seem only targeted at the Greek life population were this year publicized with an emphasis on campus-wide participation; specifically the annual Song and Banner competition.

Song and Banner traditionally only included representative groups from sororities and fraternities at Linfield. While this was still the case this year, it was highlighted as open to all groups of students.

On Wednesday Oct. 15 in the Fred Meyer Lounge was used as a makeshift stage for students to display their giant banners decorated with school spirit and perform songs with lyrics revolving around the Homecoming football game – the Linfield Wildcats vs. the Whitworth Pirates.

However, despite the large efforts from ASLC to make everyone feel included in the fun competition, the only groups represented were, once again, Greek life affiliated.

Why is it that so much time and effort was put into actively trying to make all students feel invited and included in this year’s Homecoming traditions, and yet the mold of “Only for Greeks” still remained?

What could be done differently? How can we include more students than just the Greeks? Or is there simply no interest from other campus groups to partake in these events?

Nonetheless, it was a successful event in itself, and ASLC’s hard work in planning was certainly not in vain. Sometimes there is only so much that can be done to reach out to students. The other half of the effort has to come from participants themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the moments captured from the Song and Banner competition.