Bringing the music to Linfield


Eve Brindis with brother and guest performer at Linfield, Caz Brindis.

Mikenna Whatley, Features Editor

It’s Thursday and Linfield students are burnt out on the school week searching for a stress relief to get them through until the weekend begins. Where do they go? Thursday night concerts, of course.

The Linfield Activities Board Musical Entertainment Chair, junior Eve Brindis, is who makes these quaint musical Thursday night escapes happen.

“This is my second year doing it,” Brindis said. “I plan to pursue this as a professional career so I have a great deal of passion for it.”

While Brindis said there is not an exact job title for the career path she intends to take after college, the route she wants to take involves music-heavy event planning.

“I love planning events,” Brindis said, “And I just seem to tie live music into every event I’ve wanted to plan.”

Brindis’ position on the Linfield Activities board has allowed her to network with a wide range of artists which she anticipates will be a big help as she moves forward with her career after she graduates.

“I think live music is one of the most important things in the world,” Brindis said. “The fact that I get to share the live music with all students on campus and see the community that it creates is really amazing to me.”

Brindis finds great satisfaction in seeing how students can all relate to the live musical talent that comes to campus for these concerts, whether it’s with the music, or the artist or the friends that they bring to the event with them. The live music is what brings it all together.

“The most difficult part is trying to please everyone,” Brindis said, “because everyone always has an opinion about an artist that I bring. I try to keep everyone in mind when I bring new talent to campus and I hope people realize that.”

Booking an artist to perform at Linfield is no simple task. Brindis must take several things into account and go through many different steps before a concert can actually happen.

“First I peruse the Internet and take suggestions and find someone I’m interested in,” Brindis said. “Then I follow them for a period of time, find out where they’re located, what they sound like live, and I think about how I’d see them at Linfield.”

Once Brindis selects an artist she feels would be a good fit to perform at Linfield, she contacts their agent to get a contract going so she can begin to make sure they’ll be accommodated with anything they will need once they get to campus. This can include lodging, meals, equipment and more.

“Sometimes I’ll pick them up and get dinner and just chill with them,” Brindis said. “I love musicians and I love getting to know them and hearing their stories.”

Some concerts Brindis plans are so well received by students and enjoyed by the artists themselves that they even come back for another concert. For example, Tall Heights has performed at Linfield three different times.

“They’re just all around really talented artists, even past just musically,” Brindis said. “They’re very professional and humble and communicative. They love coming back just as much as we love having them.”

But not all artists are as professional as Tall Heights. Brindis has found that much of the talent she books are surprised when they find out she is a young college girl.

“A lot of times people who have my position are paid professionals,” Brindis said. “Sometimes I find it hard to get respect right away.”

Brindis sees situations like these as chances to prove herself as a professional.

“Being a girl around lots of male musicians… there’s never a dull moment,” Brindis said.

Brindis hopes that by bringing live music to the Linfield campus, people will benefit from it in more ways than just bring entertained.

“The world in general would be so different without music,” Brindis said. “I feel that music brings people together in such a special way that nothing else really can. I think people gain a lot from it whether they realize it or not.”