Freshman golf star looks forward to great season, reaching goals

Helen Lee, Editor-in-chief

Madeline Rice is a freshman on Linfield’s women’s golf team. She is a pre-engineering major, and is the second top performer on the team. The Wildcats have their next match on Oct. 19 against Lewis & Clark. Below are edited excerpts from an interview with Rice.
Can you tell me a little about your golfing experience?
I am from Bend, Oregon. I have been playing golf since I was eight years old. I played four years of varsity golf at Bend Senior High School. We went to state all four years and placed at least in the top four teams in the state. As a high schooler I was 11th in the state.
My family are very avid golfers. My dad is actually trying to get onto the Senior Tour, however he is not old enough yet. We are members of Bend Golf and Country Club, where I have worked as an outdoor Member Service Assistant since I was 16.
Why did you decide to go to Linfield?
Academics and sports are very important to me, and the balance of intensity in both helped lead to my decision to study here at Linfield.
How do you like playing for Linfield’s golf team?
Now that golf has started, I have really been enjoying playing for Linfield. The team and environment are so inviting and encouraging.
Who are your biggest competitors?
We are a pretty solid team; Whitman and Whitworth have very strong teams. However, Lewis & Clark are our closest opponents when it comes to scoring.
I think I like Linfield’s team so much because it doesn’t feel like I am just playing for myself, it’s more like we are all playing as a whole. I have always played golf because I enjoyed it.
Linfield has allowed me to continue playing for the pure joy of experiencing different golf courses, spending 4-5 hours getting to know other college players, as well as working on some amazing sock, V-neck, and farmer’s tans.
What are some of your goals for this season?
As an individual, my largest goal is to break 80. A carrot that has been very close to my grasp in the past, just slightly out of reached. However, I feel that this is the season that I will get into the 70s. My biggest competitor is myself and confidence level. Golf is five percent physical and 95 percent mental, and I’m working on the mental part.