Camas associate editor shares story

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

If it’s creative, you can send it in. Associate Editor of Camas and senior Mattie Wong is a creative writing major with a double minor in philosophy and economics. Her passion found her on accident when Wong joined a creative writing magazine her senior year of high school.

“I wanted to submit a piece to it, so I picked up a form, not realizing it was actually an application to be an editor. Ended up applying anyway and had a lot of fun designing the magazine and choosing what pieces to include,” Wong wrote in an email.

Wong didn’t discover Camas until her junior year at Linfield and applied for a position as associate editor because of nostalgia. Wong encourages seniors to consider submitting their work to Camas.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to leave behind a little something on campus to be remembered by? You get a hard copy as well! As a plus for you pragmatic folk, you can stick it on your resume, too.” Wong said.

When Wong isn’t working on Camas she works with non-fiction professor Joe Wilkins in an internship where she helps go through submissions for the literary/art magazine “The High Desert Journal.”

Wong is also the President of the Asian American Alliance and draws comics for the PLACE Program’s Facebook page and as if that wasn’t enough, she also plays the piano.

Anyone can participate in Camas, whether as an editor or a contributor, there is a one credit class you can take on Fridays in the fall or spring semester. In the fall editors will read or look through submissions that they have received and accept the entries they want to include for that year’s issue. In the spring, editing and layout of the entries are done for print at the last few weeks of spring semester.

“We work together and talk about what goals we have for the magazine, utilizing a voting/discussion system in order to determine which pieces we will accept. With each new group of editors Camas adopts a new feel, so hopefully this year’s will be pretty cool,” Wong said.

Before it was Camas, its original name that was established in 1983 was known as the Test-Marketed Downpour until 2001. The inspiration for the name Camas is inspired by a kind of wild flower that is native to Western United States and ranges from a violets and lilacs to a pale white color.

Students can submit works of their own to [email protected] entries are due by Oct. 31.