Linfield’s CPS Director protects campus


Emilie Skladzien

Republican and Director of College Public Safety Ron Noble has been elected to the Oregon State House of Representatives for District 24 after defeating Democrat Ken Moore.

Jonathan Williams, News editor

Since July 1, there has been a new director of College Public Safety on the McMinnville campus.

Ron Noble is extremely proud to be a part of the Linfield community after serving as the chief of the McMinnville Police Department since 2006.

Noble moved to McMinnville with his family after working for the Corvallis police department for 18 years as a liaison with Oregon State University’s athletics department and Greek life.

“College Public Safety only exists because there are Faculty, staff and students that occupy the McMinnville campus,” Noble said.

Noble’s goals for College Public Safety is to create stronger relationships with the Linfield community, become more approachable for students to ask questions and to be more reasonable.

Noble’s kids have attended Linfield and he has known many of the Faculty and staff since he started working at the McMinnville Police Department.

In response to the recent car thefts that happened in August on the Linfield campus as well as in McMinnville Noble said, “This tells you that the Linfield and McMinnville communities as a whole are safe since it seemed like a big deal that there were car thefts because that isn’t something that often happens.”

Noble has seen Linfield’s College Public Safety department grow during his time with the McMinnville Police Department. He commented that there have been five different directors of it since he started with the McMinnville Police department in 2006.

He is planning on staying for quite sometime and hopefully retiring after his time as director of College Public Safety.

Noble also wants the community to know that the officers that work for College Public Safety aren’t just here to give parking tickets and shut down parties.

College Public Safety is responsible for managing events, such as athletics, entertainment and special events for the college.

They also work closely with facilities services by checking that buildings are secure as well as locking and unlocking them.

CPS also works with the Office of Student Affairs, Residence Life and the conduct board.

Noble thinks that fraternities are a good thing but often times stray too far away from what their brotherhood was built on.

“They can be a great resource to the community, they provide good leadership opportunities for those in the brotherhood and also can have a positive impact on neighborhoods,” Noble said.

Noble thinks that fraternities at Linfield could improve in some areas.

His mission for CPS is to, “Create a solid foundation and philosophy, generate better service and keep getting better as a whole.”

Noble firmly believes that his staff is professional and is equipped to handle an emergency situation if that kind of event was to happen.

Noble is happy to be at Linfield and is excited to see Linfield’s College Public Safety department continue to grow and get better as a team.