Life at Linfield

Mikenna Whatley, Features Editor

“Go Greek!” A phrase I’m sure everyone at Linfield has heard or seen on social media countless times since arriving to campus.

At a school with approximately 30% of its student body involved in sorority or fraternity life, you can barely make it out of your dorm room without seeing someone wearing their chapter’s letters.

Going through Greek Recruitment can be an amazing new experience, especially as an incoming freshman or transfer student. It’s free, fun, and gives students a great opportunity to meet tons of other people they may not have otherwise gotten to know.

Each fraternity and sorority puts lots of effort into making recruitment an exciting experience for all who choose to participate. Contrary to what you may have seen in movies or other media, Greek life is in no way meant for one type of person – especially at Linfield.

Greek life at small schools is a bit different from larger state universities. Linfield in particular is a very inclusive campus, which makes joining a fraternity or sorority a truly refreshing experience.

The Linfield Greek system is a dynamic group of spirited students, athletes, musicians, scientists, leaders, and so much more. Nearly every student who is a part of Greek life is also involved in several other activities, clubs and organizations other than just their fraternity or sorority.

Because Greek students are so involved on campus, each sorority and fraternity is unique and diverse in their own way. And since each Greek organization has students who participate in countless other activities, there is not only a strong sense of Greek unity, but also Greek-to-non-Greek unity.

Whether or not after going through the recruitment process you decide to join one of the eight Greek chapters on campus, Linfield offers a place for all of its students to grow and thrive.

The 2014 Fall Formal Recruitment logo for Linfield College.
Photo Courtesy of Linfield Greek Life
The 2014 Fall Formal Recruitment logo for Linfield College.