Wildcat Cheer coach gets team pumped up

Rosa Johnson, Managing Editor

Linfield’s cheerleaders will be shaking their pompoms to a new coach this year. Lori DuPuis joined the faculty this fall and has been coaching for 26 years. While DuPuis is off of the football sidelines she teaches English at Tualatin High School and has been involved with the classroom for 22 years.

DuPuis has developed cheer programs which resulted in several state championships and nationally recognized teams.  Along with providing training, choreography, and private camps for Oregon schools, DuPuis judges for state and regional competitions.  DuPuis has worked on the Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association Board as Regional Rep and Conference Chairperson.

“Coaching college cheerleading has been the one endeavor I haven’t had the chance to experience.” DuPuis said in an email, “I found Linfield through cheer friends who had children attending Linfield and expressed a need for a coach.  This fit with my desires and enthusiasm to take my coaching to another level.”

DuPuis have had the honor to compete at USA Nationals in California with Tualatin High School and in Atlanta, Georgia as well.  DuPuis has also coached the Les Schwab Bowl several times.  DuPuis also met Vince Vaughn when he helped her Tualatin team win $1000 in a radio contest.

DuPuis wants to focus on athleticism for Linfield’s cheerleading program along with student support and spirit.

“I enjoy teaching stunting and am looking for ways to propel Linfield cheer into the small college spotlight, encouraging cheerleaders to attend college here.  School spirit is also something the team and I would like to make a priority; we would like to students come to not only big games, but support all sports: basketball, soccer, and others,” DuPuis said in an email.

DuPuis is also planning for contests and promotions to happen in the near future such as Wildcat youth cheer camps, community nights at basketball games, alumni appreciation, student spirit contests at games and even tailgating.

“I can tell this is a close-knit, academically driven school with deep traditions.  It is exciting to be given such a warm welcome and work with such a talented group of girls,” DuPuis said.


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