Students create new digital yearbook

Samantha Sigler

After eight years, Linfield College will once again be distributing yearbooks to students. However, this time the books are going to be digital.

Freshman Julian Adoff is the president of the new Linfield Yearbook Club, which has about 10 other members.

Adoff has been the driving force behind bringing back yearbooks to Linfield.

“I knew that whatever school I went to, I wanted to be involved in a yearbook,” Adoff said.

After working on his high school yearbook for three years, it defined his interests and was something he knew he wanted to be involved with in college, Adoff said.

His dedication to being involved with a yearbook carried over into deciding to come to Linfield, as he knew that it would be easy to start a yearbook club at a small college.

During Adoff’s first week at Linfield, he met with Michael Huntsberger, assistant professor of mass communication. It was during this meeting that the two decided the yearbook should be mostly digital to make it completely different from Oak Leaves, the original Linfield yearbook.

Past yearbook clubs tried selling Oak Leaves on two different occasions, however, it died out after the cost was too high and student interest was too low.

“[Adoff] showed a lot of initiative toward this,” sophomore Cody Purchase said, a member of the Linfield Yearbook Club.

Purchase hosted Adoff during Linfield’s 2011 Competitive Scholarship Day weekend, and once he came to Linfield, Adoff convinced Purchase to join the yearbook club.

Contributions from students are also going to be welcomed, Purchase said. Because the yearbook will be digital, students can send in videos along with photos to put in the yearbook too.

“It’s something that [students] can all be a part of,” Purchase said.

Yearbook Club is also thinking about including a 10-page book with a CD inside to go along with the digital version, but no final decisions have been made yet.

There is also talk of putting out a special issue for Wildstock, because it’s always a big event on campus.

“A vast majority will be online,” Adoff said. “We might do pamphlets too.”

The goal for this semester is to create a website and a view book for the yearbook to showcase what they can do and how anyone can get involved and help.

“That’s what this semester is going to be, getting support from Linfield,” Adoff said.

Samantha Sigler

News editor

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