Crowd participates during Pro Cat Cab

Samantha Sigler

Photo courtesy of Katie Paysinger
Chris Hernandez (left) performs with his band, Jack Ruby Presents during a 2010 Cat Cab.













The Fred Meyer Lounge was dimly lit, Halloween- themed and packed with fans as the band Jack Ruby Presents performed during the Pro Cat Cab on Oct. 25.

The band includes members Chris Hernandez, Melissa Davaz, Aaron Owens and Jesse Hughey. The event marked their five-year anniversary of performing at Linfield College.

“It was really great to hear some of Jack Ruby’s newer songs, along with a handful of songs from their first album,” junior Melissa Green, an avid fan of the band, said in an email.

Throughout the concert, the band passed percussion instruments out to people in the crowd, and all the while, audience members sang along.

A crowd favorite was Jack Ruby Present’s original song, “Strange Fruit/Three Men Hanging,” during which members of the audience appeared to become mesmerized by the music.

“Every time I’ve seen them perform that one live, the whole room goes dead silent as soon as Melissa Davaz starts singing,” Green said. “It’s beautiful.”

Green has been a fan of the band for a few years and has been to other concerts around McMinnville where it’s performed at, such as the concerts at McMenamin’s and at friends’ houses.

“I really love the energy at all of their shows. They’ve got a killer folk rock sound,” Green said. “With Jesse Hughey’s rougher voice contrasting beautifully with the pure sound of Melissa Davaz’s voice, it definitely speaks to me and gets me dancing.”

During the Cat Cab, Hughey mentioned them being ideally a house party band, with that being the environment they are completely in their element in.

“They are truly talented song-writers and musicians, and we are so lucky to have this connection with them,” Green said.


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