Lecturer urges call to action regarding carbon dioxide

Katie Paysinger
News editor

Carbon dioxide emissions, along with other environmental issues, are among many frequently discussed topics in politics and the academic community.
This week Linfield had the honor to have Nathan Lewis, George L. Argyros professor of chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, visit campus and lecture about the topic.
Lewis has traveled across the country giving the same lecture he did in Ice Auditorium on March 3.
Every year the science departments on campus use funds allocated through the Walter P. Dyke Endowment to sponsor a guest lecturer or collaborative research, Fred Ross, senior adviser and assistant to the president, said.
In his lecture, Lewis emphasized that carbon dioxide emissions are a larger issue than they have been perceived to be.
“It will not be easy to cut emission levels,” he said. “It will be a big change that will touch everybody.”
Lewis suggested that Linfield students conserve energy and be more efficient. He also encouraged students to become politically involved and make sure clean energy policy is a priority.
“Some big things have already been done [at Linfield],” Jennifer Heath, associate professor of physics, said. “But the Advisory Committee on Environment and Sustainability is talking about what else we can do.”
Heath recommended Lewis to be the lecturer this year after hearing him speak at a previous conference.
“It all comes down to individual choices” she said. “You can drive to class or walk. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re making a big impact, but it is the little things that add up.”
In addition to his lecture, Lewis spoke to environmental studies students and gave a symposium on his research.
Senior Rose Hollingsworth was a member of the group that escorted Lewis to lunch March 4.
“He called for action now,” Hollingsworth said. “His lecture was very informative and illuminated some of the issues I didn’t understand.”

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