Advertising executives

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General responsibilities:

  • Sell advertising in The Linfield review to produce maximum revenue for the newspaper and maximum results for the advertiser.
  • Know and follow the current TLR rate card, policies and deadlines.
  • Meet with advertising decision makers to understand their marketing goals. Remain current with your clients’ competition and learn aspects of your clients’ business in order to aid them in making decisions about their advertising budgets.
  • Use sales techniques to explain persuasively the features and benefits of TLR and how advertising in the paper will help clients meet their business’ marketing goals.
  • Develop advertising plans and sales promotions and present to new and existing advertisers. Implement approved plans.
  • Meet or exceed assigned sales goals by developing prospects into regular advertisers and maintaining and growing existing accounts.
  • Verify that every advertising order is being handled correctly.
  • Work with advertisers and TLR production department to produce effective ads.
  • Regularly meet with advertisers and prospects in person at their place of business.
  • Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings and individual sales meetings to acquire or strengthen skills and to learn about new products or sales programs.
  • Other duties as assigned

Direct supervisor: Business manager


This is a straight commission and bonus system only, based on individual sales revenue. No reimbursement for automobile use. Sales results relate directly to the amount of paycheck

Advertising executives