New student opportunity to fight nuclear violence

Hannah Carty, Staff Writer

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Students hoping to engage in meaningful work outside the classroom can find that opportunity with Beyond the Bomb, a group dedicated to preventing nuclear war.

Beyond the Bomb is recruiting students and campus leaders to start chapters, meet with field organizers and other student volunteers, start campaigns, and more, the group says.

Each campus hub has the flexibility to focus on tasks about which the group is passionate. Beyond the Bomb asks for four to eight hours a month of volunteers’ time and is flexible with student schedules.

The organization is dedicated to equipping its volunteers with skills they can use in the future such as campaigning for local issues, speaking with candidates and elected officials, and creating grassroots power.

Recently, student activists at the University of Washington met with Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., to deliver student signatures supporting his No First Use Bill, the group said. Students on Linfield’s campus would have the opportunity to organize events and talks with Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., to support his Prevention of Arms Race 2019 Act.

Beyond the Bomb focuses on three main issues: adopt a no-first-use policy, end sole presidential authority for nuclear strikes, and block a $1.7 trillion nuclear spending spree.

The no-first-use policy will prohibit nuclear-armed states from using these weapons first in a conflict. End of sole authority would restrain a president’s absolute power to use nuclear weapons—currently, U.S. presidents can initiate a nuclear strike without prior congressional approval. And by preventing a $1.7 trillion spending spree, funds could be reallocated to other areas like education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Beyond the Bomb only asks for a commitment to ending nuclear weapons use for their campus leaders. The organization is continuously looking for any college students interested, even post-grad. Those interested in this program should contact Tristan Guyette at [email protected] or by using a contact form on the group’s website,

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