Correction: Wine studies revisited

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We got it wrong. In our most recent editorial “Tread lightly, wine studies students,” we inaccurately represented the wine studies department by stating incorrect information. Here are our corrections.

We referred to wine studies as having introduced a master’s program to Linfield. Rather, wine studies partnered with a European institution that permits Wildcats to simultaneously spend senior year abroad and earn their first year of a master’s. After spending the following year at the Ecole Superieure d’Agriculture, students will have a bachelor’s from Linfield and a master’s from ESA.

We also erred in the number of credits needed to complete the 3/2 program. The program does require students to complete at least 90 credits at Linfield, then complete the remaining credits needed for graduation during the first year abroad with ESA. The master’s degree, approximately 60 credits, would put the credit count for both degrees at about 185 credits total.

The number of credits required for the wine studies major is not 67 but 54. Students must complete 41 common core and a minimum of 13 elective credits within the major. We counted the elective credits twice, causing us to refer to the major as an overwhelming amount. Majors at Linfield typically require 40-60 credits, so wine studies is within the standard range.

We on the editorial board apologize for our errors and strive to do better.

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