Dan and Shay to bring a mix of country, pop to Wildstock

Hannah Curry, Staff writer

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As most students have now heard, country artists Dan and Shay will be headlining Wildstock in May. Personally, I had never heard of Dan and Shay until this exciting news was announced, so I decided to take a listen and see what they were all about.

For starters, I looked up who they were, because I didn’t know anything about them. What was their genre? How long have they been a duo? Why were so many people in Starbucks talking about how much they love Dan and Shay and I’m just now hearing their names for the first time?

Dan and Shay have been creating music together since 2012. They are from Tennessee, which only makes sense when I found out they were country artists. They also just came out with a new single called

“Tequila.” As of now, the duo has two albums out, with “Tequila” being on an unnamed third.

When I first started listening to their newest single, I honestly didn’t think they were country artists. The introduction sounded a lot more like pop, but as the song continued and as I listened to their other music, it was definitely country. And it sounded like pretty typical country music.

As I listened, I started to notice an interesting mix of the country and pop music you hear today. It was its own unique style that Dan and Shay seem to have created for themselves.

Personally, I don’t listen to this genre of music a whole lot, so most of it sounds the same to me. However, I like their sound and the way their voices vibe together.

I think Dan and Shay is a good choice for Wildstock’s headliner. Their music is fun, they are young, new artists, and enough people here at Linfield seem to know their name.

I’m excited to see what they are going to bring to the stage this spring.

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