Linfield hears music, breaks ground with marching band

Ross Passeck, Staff writer

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There is something missing from Linfield’s beating heart, some pep missing from every step. Students, faculty, and administration have struck a chord and decided to let students’ passions play with a new marching band.

“Marching band offers an opportunity to identify with a student group and connect from the start to college spirit and community,” Faun Tiedge, professor of music and department chair said.

She continued, “This program has the potential to bring many more good students to Linfield” of all majors, not only music.

This addition will make Linfield the first NCAA Division III team in the Northwest Conference to have a full marching band. Nationwide, only a small number of Division III programs have marching bands.

“Linfield College has a proud tradition of excellent athletics, outstanding music and intentional student leadership experiences,” says Susan Hopp, vice president of student affairs and athletics and dean of students in a press release. “A marching band provides one more outstanding opportunity for student engagement and we are excited to bring this music tradition back to Linfield College.”

The marching band will be Linfield’s first in the modern era. Its previous marching band ended before World War II, and the program wasn’t revived.

In the time since, Linfield has seen several music programs come and go through the department. Most recently, Linfield saw the departure of its jazz band.

With the arrival of a marching band, the music department can once more entice a broader range of musical performers.

Funding and participation frequently present challenges to more niche bands, but there is already a demand for marching band to accompany Linfield’s many successful athletic teams.

Various marching bands from high schools around the greater McMinnville area already perform during football games.

A Linfield marching band will also produce another grand stage for student musicians to perform upon adjacent to their student athlete counterparts.

“I feel like a marching band will be a fantastic opportunity to provide a platform for music students to become another point of pride on Lin field’s campus, instead of celebrating primarily athletes,” junior Melory Mirashrafi said.

The college will immediately launch the search for a full-time marching band director to lead the band and oversee its performances. As details of the marching band program are finalized, information will be added to the Linfield web page at

For students interested in studying music, Linfield offers both a bachelor of arts degree and a minor in music. The college also offers multiple performance opportunities outside of the marching band, including wind symphony, woodwind ensemble, jazz band and brass choir. To learn more, visit

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One Response to “Linfield hears music, breaks ground with marching band”

  1. Bruce Baldwin on October 16th, 2017 5:51 pm

    When I interviewed for a teaching position at Linfield in Spring 1970 one of the first persons I saw on campus (walking through Riley Hall) was the leader of the Linfield College marching band. Or so I thought. Here was a middle-aged man dressed in full marching band regalia (an impressive get-up). As a then-recent MBA graduate of Michigan State I was really impressed that a small college such as Linfield had an actual marching band. I could hardly wait for the first home football game.

    Later that day I was informed that the “band leader” was an art professor at Linfield who had a variety of zany costumes he frequently wore. One of his favorites, as I saw in subsequent years, was his Zorro outfit complete with flying cape as he rode his bicycle to school.

    While disappointed there was no marching band I quickly became a fan of the outstanding football program. Let’s see, in the Fall of 1970 “The Streak” was only about 15 years old. Go Cats!

    Bruce Baldwin
    Assistant Professor of Business

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Linfield hears music, breaks ground with marching band