PVRIS tackles break ups on their new album

Grant Beltrami, Staff writer

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Fans of old-school Paramore are sure to enjoy PVRIS’s (pronounced Paris) new album.

“All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” is best described as a mix of punk-rock and pop with a few scraps of metal.  

“I think we were cursed from the start, so I can’t let you into my heart” The first line of the first track sets the mood for this album. Yep, it’s a break-up album. Lead singer and songwriter Lynn Gunn expertly weaves the five stages of grief into her lyrics. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are all present within the album’s 10 tracks.

Despite its less than cheerful subject matter, the majority of songs are upbeat with pulsing baselines that make you want to move. “Winter” and “What’s Wrong” stand out as energetic tracks along with “No Mercy,” which is a throwback to PVRIS’s metal-influenced roots.

“Separate” and “Nola 1” are on the other end of the energy spectrum with a slower tempo and softer vocals. The intensity of “Heaven,” “Half” and “Anyone Else” ebbs and flows with their respective chorus lyrics “you took my heaven away,” “I never said I wanted” and “I don’t belong to anyone else” in a way that is emphatic without feeling repetitive.

At first listen “Walk Alone” and “Same Soul” suffer from a few misheard words. The subdued vocals moving in and out of echo and reverb obscure some brilliant lyrics.

If you are only going to listen to one song, listen to four: ”What’s Wrong,” “Winter,” “Separate” and “Anyone Else.”

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PVRIS tackles break ups on their new album