A gamut of memories and experiences

Jonathan Williams, Associate editor

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Editor’s Notebook 

My time spent over the last four years at the Linfield Review in retrospect feels more like a lifetime.

I have written and edited stories that were harrowing and memorable and ones deeply rooted in the culture embedded in the Linfield experience through campus activities and athletics.

A few that stand out: the sexual assault story in 2014 that strengthened a campus conversation and commitment of spreading awareness of consent, reporting on Parker Moore’s death in November 2014, the student who contracted a case of meningitis in spring 2016 and recovered from it, as well as reporting on multiple students who went missing and were later found.

There are also plenty of more light hearted but equally memorable stories written each year: coverage of football games, Wildstock, Homecoming, Lu’au, tuition increases, campus speakers, concerts, theater productions, art exhibitions, community service events, campus renovations, ASLC elections, Greek Week, new faculty and retirees and many student, faculty and college achievements.

What remains clear to me after these past four years is that Wildcats are active, engaged members in campus life and care deeply about their classmates.

I’ll remember writing stories that I knew made a difference and were ones that the campus needed to be informed of even if some students didn’t agree with the story being published.

I’ll remember long Sunday nights in Renshaw laying out the newspaper.

I can remember making the change from a weekly newspaper to a biweekly one in fall 2014 and changing from a broadsheet newspaper to a tabloid this semester.

As an editor, seeing staff improve and take pride in seeing their work published will remain some of my greatest memories at the Review.

In turn, many of the staff I have worked with over the years are some of my closest friends today.

If the Review serves as a reflection of campus life, Linfield’s is a vibrant one.

I have seen the campus conversation shift to focusing on diversity and recognizing the multilayered experiences and cultures students live and bring with them.

I am confident that the Review’s future is bright and that it will continue to serve students, faculty and Linfield as a vital source and space for campus debate and opinions.

It has been an honor and joy to watch my own class, the class of 2017, make its mark at Linfield and etch our names into the history of Linfield College.

Here’s to the future and to the class of 2017.

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A gamut of memories and experiences