Jasmine Fojas

Vanesa Montalvo, Staff Writer

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“An empowering woman is someone who leads by example and isn’t afraid to take the risks. She is someone who goes the extra mile to help others and never ceases her passion,” said Jasmine Fojas, ‘17.

Fojas is a senior art major with a minor in visual culture. She is a member of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma and participates in collegiate level Track and Field.

Although art is Fojas’ major, her talents are not restricted to producing work that is only for class. So even when she isn’t working on projects, she enjoys experimenting with new things. She recently started selling her own jewelry, something that she had been making since high school but it wasn’t until now that she turned it into a side business.

“It started off as my idea and people would buy my stuff,” said Fojas. At first, she began with creating simple and staple jewelry pieces that anybody could purchase. Soon enough, she had people asking her to create custom pieces. She started printing custom phrases chokers and necklaces, something that became popular among the sororities at Linfield.

She enjoys selling products to such a tight knit community. “It’s nice because I get so see such genuine reactions,” said Fojas.

Fojas’ advises women who wish to start up their own business to do so, “even if you are nervous of selling your craft,” said Fojas. “There is so much support in a small campus.”

Fojas’ instagram handle is @kapuajewelry. 


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Jasmine Fojas