A Haunting at Silver Falls

Rilee Macaluso, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Scary movies gain an added haunting effect when they hit close to home, and this one not only hits home but was filmed here.

The sequel to a Haunting in Silver Falls, a horror movie set in a small town where a young girl finds herself being haunted, will follow Jordan to college where she has yet to shake her demonic stalker. Both the first movie and the new one were filmed in Salem, Oregon, and this time around Linfield captured a part of the spotlight.

Filming for the sequel began in December, but the school hosted the movie’s cast and crew over the break following the end Jan Term. The majority of the filming took place inside Elkington, Graf and Pioneer halls. Linfield hosted the crew for the entire week, allowing students who stayed on campus to catch a glimpse of the characters, demonic or otherwise, that roamed around.

With such a long history, it is no wonder that Linfield was chosen to feature in this movie. Aside from the easy accessibility from Portland and other filming locations, Linfield has multiple historic buildings for the crew to use as backdrops for the movie. The most iconic being Pioneer, the hall which was originally the entirety of the college when it opened in 1858.

Ask anyone who has been in Pioneer and they would tell you that there wasn’t a better building to film a horror movie in on our campus. With a history dating back to 1800s, believers have no doubts that there could be something evil meandering around Pioneer hall. There was even an incident earlier this year when a student found a “creepy” teddy bear in the upper cabinets of one of the hall’s dorm rooms.

Although no details have been released about the movie’s filming process at the school, sophomore Bruce Li stumbled upon an opportunity to help the crew while they were here. When Li approached the crew hoping to walk away with a contact for an internship, he instead found a shorthanded crew that invited him to see what really happens behind the scenes of Hollywood movies. While on set, Li got the chance to be a production assistant, where he helped set up the set, make props and be a runner.

“It was an amazing experience because it’s what I want to do after college. It’s the type of career that I’m striving for right now, and this was like the big first step of trying to figure out my life,” Li said.

Opportunities like the one that Li stumbled upon just go to show that there really is power in a small college.

To catch Linfield’s Hollywood debut, be on the lookout for this movie’s release date, which has yet to be determined.

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A Haunting at Silver Falls