Tips on how to choose the perfect costume this Halloween

Vanesa Montalvo, Staff Writer

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As Halloween approaches, many students are in the process of choosing the funniest, quirkiest and most original costume. Although it may be fun to piece together a costume, it can also be tough. Many might give up, head to the nearest Halloween shop and just purchase a pre-packaged costume, but these tips might help you avoid that this year.

First, let your creativity roam free. Forget about those basic costumes. Think outside of the box. Choose a costume that you and others will talk about years from now. Remember inspiration is everywhere; stay aware of your surroundings. Stay open minded, you never know, you may get inspiration from places or things that you never thought you would.

Second, go Pinterest crazy. One of the many ways that I get my inspiration lately is by browsing on Pinterest, seriously, I could spend hours on the app. Start a Halloween board on your page, and pin all of the costumes or costume ideas that you come across. In the end, go through your board and pick out your best ideas.

Third, consider a group or partner costume. Choosing a theme or a show is an easy way to have one of the funniest costumes this Halloween. One of my favorite things on Halloween is seeing a group or two people walking around with costumes that compliment one another. Group or partner costumes are usually the ones that people tend to never forget about.

Last, as you have finally picked out your costume, ask yourself: will this offend anybody? If the answer is yes, don’t wear it. If you’re not sure, don’t wear it. The point of Halloween is to have fun, not to ruin someone’s night because of the offensive costume that you choose to wear. Cultural appropriation seems to be an on going issue every Halloween, it is important to be aware of your costume and whether or not it will arise any issues through out the night.

Remember; keep an open mind while also keeping others in mind. Halloween is the night to get those creative juices flowing.

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Tips on how to choose the perfect costume this Halloween