Professors, students adapt to new class time schedule

Vanesa Montalvo, Staff Writer

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Students and professors at Linfield were welcomed in to the academic school year with new and unfamiliar scheduled class times.

This year, classes were set to start at different times than they were last year. Although the change of times and days were not too drastic, there were indeed some students that have noticed the difference.

“I lose an extra 15 minutes of sleep,” said Edgar Rivera, ’17. The dreaded 8:15 a.m. class has now become an 8:00 a.m. class, a change that not many students were happy about.

Some classes went from being scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday to now being scheduled Monday through Thursday for 50 minutes during each day. This change was one that some professors seemed to enjoy. “I am revising what I am doing, but overall, there should be more time total in class, so that is a positive,” said Professor of Chemistry, Brian Gilbert.

Since it is still the beginning of the school year, professors are also trying to get used to the fact that what used to be a three day class, has now become a four day class. “I have been planning my four day class as a three day class,” said Professor of Spanish, Sonia Ticas. “I look at the clock and I still have material left to teach.”

Although some professors find some of the times to be quite odd, it is a change that they are willing to work with. “12:55 p.m. is a strange time to start a class, it makes me feel like class is about to end,” said Professor of Spanish, Tania Carrasquillo Hernández, “That is life, and we need to learn re-adjust to new patterns.”

Professors and students throughout campus are learning to familiarize with this new schedule. Although, there are also students that have not really noticed this change.

“What schedule change?,” asked Jessenya Mil, ’19. For some students the schedule change was a change that went unnoticed.

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Professors, students adapt to new class time schedule